Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thomas | Lifestyle Senior Photography

We featured Thomas love for golf, during his Lifestyle Senior Session. He is a driven, smart, handsome guy; and you can totally see, just from interacting with him a little bit, that he is destined to be a very successful person in the future. Even though I truly enjoyed photographing him, my favorite part, of this whole experience with him, was the day I showed him his images in person. He said: "I love them all!, I just love them all".  How rewarding to me it was to see him happy with the final product. The images and memories we both created of his last year of high school. Bliss! 

  All images are copyrighted © 2012 - 2014 Cyntia Apps Photography

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Skyler | Lifestyle Senior Photography

What an amazing experience it was to work with this good-looking, down-to-earth high school football player; who is well known from doing flips. (See the images featured below). It really blew my mind how he would be standing up, and flip back out of nowhere, which such ease. Pretty cool, I'd say! Check out the rest of images from his Lifestyle Senior Photo Shoot. Pretty awesome way to keepsake the memories of your Senior High School Year. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Apps Family | San Jose Family Photography

Yes, this Apps Family is totally related to me! You have probably seen them many times in my blog, and it is because I love photographing them.  I took Laura's maternity photos last time I visited them in Canada, and I was so glad to be able to take pictures of her new baby girl this time, they visited San Jose. This session was a hybrid session, as in half shot in film, and half with digital. This is certainly an element I would love to incorporate more and more in my shoots.  Check out the amazing images of this shoot!



Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sara | Lifestyle Senior Photography

Instead of describing my amazing experience  photographing this sweet and adorable high school senior, I would let her tell you her own story about getting her own lifestyle senior session. Here what she had to say about it: 

"Getting my senior pictures with Cyntia was so much fun! She is such a great photographer for so many reasons. One: I am not very comfortable being in front of the camera and I was nervous about posing; I was afraid I would be awkward, however, Cyntia was amazing at helping me pose. She had so many ideas for me, and instead of being uncomfortable like I was afraid I would be, they all felt so natural. I even had fun taking the pictures because she talks to you, and jokes around with you, that you forget about being on the spot in front of the camera. She also made me feel so confident and beautiful, because she complimented me in each picture, and made it seem that I was the one making the pictures look amazing, but it was her creating the images. Two: Cyntia is very patient and kind. Before I showed up at her house to take the pictures I could not decide what to wear so I brought almost all of my closet hoping she would help me decide. I was afraid she would be upset that I was not prepared but she was so nice when I showed up and she was all for helping me pick some outfits. I had so much fun planning outfits with her, she even ironed my clothes for me! And then when we realized I forgot to bring a dress she lent me one of her own dresses and one of her hats. She is so generous and kind. Three: Cyntia's pictures turned out amazing!! I loved so many of them, it was hard to choose which ones to buy. And you could tell she worked so hard on them. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cyntia and having her take my pictures, she is so kind and so fun. Also you can tell that she loves her job which makes taking pictures with her all the more enjoyable. I highly recommend taking your senior pictures with Cyntia!!"

  All images are copyrighted © 2014 Cyntia Apps Photography